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Tests according to military regulations

Laboratory equipped for any kind of test.
Tests execution according to military standards (MIL-STD, DEF-STD, NATO).
Experts in Oversize for military environments, Aviation and Railway.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests (EMC)

Pre-compliance and Full-Compliance for obtaining CE marking with Directive 2004/108/CE.
Test on products of any size in different environment.

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Tests in Anechoic chamber and Testing Tempest Tent.

EMC Tests in shielded rooms for any size of sample.
Special tests performed by highly qualified technicians.
Electromagnetic tests for evaluating the radio frequency sensitivity of the apparatus.

Prove emc in camere schermate per oggetti di grandi dimensioni

Electromagnetic Pollution Measurements
Elettrosmog and Radioactivity

Mapping levels of electromagnetic fields in private housing.
Shielding of the living/working spaces with specific materials.
Technical surveys reports on Electromagnetic impact assessments.

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Mechanical tests according to IEC 60335:
shock / vibration / traction / pressure

Safety Tests performed on several materials.
Safety of household and similar appliances.

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Ingress Enclosures Protection (IP)

Tests for checking the water ingress IP degree (from IP to IP X1 X8).
Tests for checking the dust ingress IP degree (IP 1X to IP 6X).
IP69K tests: the highest degree of protection according to IEC 60529.

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Some service or product that we offer:

  • Degree of protection provided by Enclosures IP30 3x

    Degree of protection provided by Enclosures IP30 3x

    IP Ingress Protection IP30 for checking the enclosures against objects that can intrude to. Testing IP30/3x in our laboratory following IEC EN 60529 standard.

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  • Bobina Di Helmholtz HLM-10 Generatore Campi Magnetici

    Bobina Di Helmholtz HLM-10 Generatore Campi Magnetici

    Bobina di Helmholtz Modello 10 - Apparato per campi magnetici a bassa frequenza utilizzato nel campo militare e in laboratori di prova di strumentazione elettronica.

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  • EMF Tests - EN50364/50445/62233/62311/62479/62493

    EMF Tests - EN50364/50445/62233/62311/62479/62493

    Surveys electromagnetic field generated by electrical equipment. Safety Testing EMF according to the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95 / EC the CE Marking.

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