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  • Log 900-2600 MHz - Antenna Logaritmica di Misura 4dB

    • Frequency Range: 900-2600 MHz
    • Max. input power: 30W
    • Nominal impedance: 50 Ohm
    • VSWR: <1:2 (typ.)
    • Gain: 4 dBi (typical)
    • RF connection: SMA (Female)
    • Dimensions: 18(L) x 15(W) x 1(H) cm
    • Specifically designed for telecom applications (GSM, UMTS, 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, LTE, etc.)
    • Suitable for EMC Tests (Radiation and Immunity).
    • Any sensitive measurements where shielding is needed
    • Built and completely designed in Italy
    • Constant flat gain and excellent VSWR over standard log periodic dipole antennas
    • Good power handing capabilities (up to 30W on the whole band)
    • Full frequency band coverage
    • Very light design
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      This small log periodic Yagi allows you to get the maximum performance at a low frequency microwave wireless system.
      The directional property "compresses" the signal into a powerful beam which is four times more powerful if oriented in the desired direction.
      It is the ideal antenna for scanners, wireless lans and other wireless devices.
      Its directional properties make it exceptionally suitable for point to point links.
      Constructed on rugged FR-4 material, it requires no tuning and has no fragile antenna elements to break or twist.
      It covers the entire frequency range, from 900 up to 2,600 MHz.
      Its small size and wide bandwidth also make it ideal for feeding the reflector antennas.
      This antenna has a gain of 4dB across its entire range.
      It is possible to hook up one of this antenna to a wireless access point.
      This antenna is equipped with a SMA connector as pictured above.

      Antenna Factor


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