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  • EMC RH-118 Microwave Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna

    • Operating Frequency: 1 GHz to 18 GHz
    • Typical gain: 5 to 15 dBi
    • VSWR: 2:1 in average
    • Polarization: Linear
    • Maximum Power Handling: 500 W
    • Feed-point Impedance: 50 Ω
    • Cross polarization: 20 dB minimum
    • Connector: N type female
    • Size (L x H x W in cm): approx. 28 x 24 x 14 (cm)
    • Weight: 1.6 kg
    • Construction: Aluminum + chromate conductive surface
    • Linearly polarized antenna ideally suited for broadband applications
    • Immunity testing (MIL-STD 461E and IEC 61000-4-3)
    • Emission testing (ANSIC63-4 and EN55022)
    • Shielding effectiveness testing (MIL-STD 285 IEEE-299)
    • Uniform Gain
    • Low VSWR
    • Power Handling Capability 500 W
    • Receive and Transmit
    • FCC, MIL-STD, VDE and TEMPEST Testing
    • Vertical, horizontal and 45 deg polarization measurements
    • Excellent quality – Military standard
      All options are included
      The advent of higher frequency testing has brought the development of a new double-ridge guide horn design.
      The RH-118 Double-Ridged Guide Antenna is a 50 Ohm linearly polarized broadband small and portable antenna which is ideal for many applications. It can be used for receiving and transmitting.
      A Type N precision connector accepts up to 500 watts of continuous input power.
      The back structure mounting section allows easy adjustment for vertical, horizontal and 45 deg polarizations.
      It provides low VSWR and high power handling capability.
      It is engineered by EMCTEST, made in aluminium and treated with chromate conductive surface that provides years of trouble-free indoor and outdoor service (corrosion-resistant).
      The antenna is sold with its plastic case filled with convoluted foam for safe transportations and its equipped with mounting brackets for vertical or horizontal polarization measurements.

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