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  • GTEM CELL 1000 (INOX) - Emissions and Immunity Testing

    • Frequency Range: 100 KHz - 20 GHz
    • Nominal Impedance: 50 O
    • Input Connector Type: “N” Female
    • Typical VSWR within frequency range (up to 5GHz): 1:1.2
    • Typical VSWR at critical frequency (up to 5GHz): 1:1.6
    • Max Input RF Power (W): 1000
    • Dimensions LxWxH [cm]: 495 x 280 x 220
    • Door WxH [cm]: 80 x 80
    • Weight Kg. Aprox.: 900
    • Septum Heigth [mm]: 1150
    • Max EUT Volume [cm]: 82x82x74
    • Defined test Vol. +3dB [cm]: 41x41x37

    • * this value may change according to frequencies if shielded window option is installed
    • EMI and EMS devices
    • Radiation and susceptibility test
    • Specifically designed for telecom application
    • Biomedical and dosimetrical applications
    • Isotropic sensors calibration
    • Receiver sensitivity test
    • Engineered and completely manufactured in Italy
    • Ruggedized fully INOX steel construction
    • Unique compact design
    • Optimized for EMI and EMC
    • Strong fields achieved with low input power
    • Broadband up to 20GHz
    • High effective shielding
    • Fully customizable feed thrus and filters
    • Excellent quality at Low cost
      Technical Panel:
      • RF Coax Feed-Thru(s): 1x SMA + 1x N (Females)
      • Other Feed-Thru(s): 1x 3 Fiber optical cable

      Power Supply / Filter box - in and out:
      • Power line filter: 2x 230V AC/DC 16A
      • 3x filtered banana sockets 16A 1000Vac
      The GTEM cell is a TEM waveguide with the upper frequency limit extended to the GHz range.
      It is under consideration as an alternative measurement facility for both radiated emission and immunity measurements.
      It is included in the recently published standard IEC 61000-4-20 “Emission and Immunity Testing in Transverse Electromagnetic (TEM) Waveguides”.

      GTEM-cells (Giga-hertz Transversal Electro-Magnetic cells) are waveguide structures intended for electromagnetic compatibility measurements, as well as biomedical applications.
      The electromagnetic field distribution inside the cell is in TEM mode. With TEM mode propagation, there is no component of electric and magnetic field in the direction of propagation of electromagnetic wave.
      Therefore the field components are strictly perpendicular. Assuming the field distribution ideal TEM below the cut-off frequency of the cell (before the introduction of higher order modes), the electromagnetic field distribution can be considered static.
      It is included in the recently published standard IEC 61000-4-20 “Emission and Immunity Testing in Transverse Electromagnetic (TEM) Waveguides”.

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