About us

EmcTest Technologies was established in 2003 and located in Rimini, Italy, with over 1200 square meters of testing laboratory and offices.
It has an anechoic chamber for full compliance tests, a semi-anechoic tent, gtem cells of different sizes (built by us), climatic chambers, helmholtz coils (built by us), shielded chambers (built by us) and numerous instrumentation for emc tests, red tests, lvd tests, flammability tests, ip tests, ik tests, emf tests, shielding efficiency tests and other types of tests based on military and standard custom.
Over the years we have established numerous collaborations with Italian and European companies which have a strong link with our reality both as customers and as suppliers.
EmcTest Technologies is a family business with engineers and external collaborators. EmcTest lab is specialized in tests for the CE Marking of electrical and electronic products/devices.
It operates in Italy and Europe carrying out scientific, technological, of technical experimentation in the field of Electromedical, Automotive, Aeronautical, Nautical, Railway, Scientific, Governmental, Military; in general on Information Technology, Telecommunications and Industrial Electronics.
Thanks to the continuous and fruitful collaboration with university research groups, EmcTest Technologies is able to provide quick, economical and immediately applicable solutions to specific technical problems.
EmcTest Technologies is a test facility located in Rimini (Italy).
Main business concerns testing of products for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), LVD (Electrical safety), IP (Enclosure degree of protection) as well as customized requests.
The company mostly operate in Italy and Europe, carring out testing, as well as scientific research in the following highly technological fields:
  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Electromedical
  • Automotive
  • Nautical
  • Scientifical
  • Aviation
  • Railway
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
Thanks to the continuous and fruitful collaboration with university research groups, EmcTest with its know-how is capable of providing fast solutions to specific technical problems at the right cost.
It also offers itself as a partner to companies wishing to participate to research projects sponsored by the European Community in order to increase their competitiveness on the market.

Our services include:
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests (EMC)
  • Pre-compliance and full-compliance Laboratory tests on electrical products finalized to CE marking.
  • Burn-out tests for electromagnetic immunity in addition to nominal requirements.
  • On-site tests thanks to a "mobile laboratory"
  • Measures for environmental electromagnetic pollution.
  • Laboratory tests for Electrical Safety (LVD)
  • IP dust and water ingress protection of enclosures performed both by our facility, and by the customer.
  • Environmental thermal tests. (Including: "sand and dust test", salt spray and fungus)
  • Dielectric withstand tests and insulation tests up to 50 KV.
  • Electrostatics analysis of materials and their characterization.
  • RoHs analysis

Technical advice:
Emc test offers its personnel's expertise to customers, helping them in the development and engineering of electronic products according to general safety and EMC directives.
Production of test environments for EMC, LVD and IP testing.

Gian Marco De Lucia
Chief Executive Officer
Cristina De Lucia
Administration Office
Alessandro De Lucia
Lab Technician & Logistic
Filippo De Lucia
Chief Marketing Officer
Ivan Rossi
Lab Testing Technician
Tommaso Iommi
Lab Testing Technician
Freddy Nerone
Receptionist & Problem Solving
Candidate now!
Mechanical Technician

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